Why Babji Will Win?

Simple math shows that winning is possible with sufficient ground-level work.

Results in 2009:

  • Voters: 2,10,362
  • Polled votes: 1,43,031 (voting percentage: 67.99%)
  • Votes for winning candidate (Cong I): 49,344 (34.49% of polled votes)
  • Lok Satta’s situation: 4th out of 14 contestants with 7,756 votes
  • We could get this many votes without any ground work for the elections!
  • Today’s situation:

  • Total number of voters: 2,30,000
  • Target for 2014: 50,000 votes. When we could win 7000+ votes without any effort, we think we can easily reach this number because of all the following.
  • There are 13 wards in the constituency and our party workers are already ready in 7 of them!
  • We are getting ready to hoist the party flag is 3 more wards
  • More than 70 local ward leaders have been identified and leadership training is in progress
  • Membership count of more than 2000 achieved
  • Constituency Committee is already formed
  • PFL Guru program reached out to hundreds of local youth and is attracting new members from local colleges
  • To aid day-to-day living, a new toilet was constructed with the aid of PFL in Zakir Hussain Rd and has been handed over to the local population which is making good use of it
  • After the party’s internal elections, we had 15 constituency level meetings so far and all the party personnel are in regular touch with each other
  • Doctors, lawyers and professional people who have an influence in the constituency are showing special interest towards the party
  • In the Corporation Elections that are coming up, we are planning to contest in the maximum possible divisions to help our volunteers gain electoral experience
  • Completely concentrating on local issues like drainage, IT, education, and health to gain more traction with the local populace
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