Success Stories

These are only the highlights. Babji and team fight on the constituency issues on a daily basis.

1.Collector Promises To Solve Vehicle Owner Problems : A delegation led by Mr.Babji visited collector Mr.Kanitlal and impressed upon him the need to resolve the problems of Govt.Hire Vehicle owners. Mr.Babji told the collector how these owners have been rendering service to the govt. since 2006 despite various hurdles and harassment by Govt.Officials. After listening to their problems, the collector assured and promised to solve their problems at the earliest.

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2. Call for Public Service Guarantee Act : As part of delivering essential service to public on time, Babji today urged the Govt. to pass the public services guarantee bill. Talking on it, he said that JP had worked hard at the central level to bring consensus on this between various parties. It is now in the parliament ready to be passed. At the same time, he also commended the State Govt for agreeing to formulate a public service guarantee bill at the state level. He urged the CM to get the bill passed at the earliest to help people of the state.

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3. Unearthing of VUDA land scam: This is a major and exclusive victory for Lok Satta and Babji. An on-going CBI investigation is going through the nitty-gritties of the INR 600 crores scam. After we unearthed it, we organized all the major parties and met the CM with JP and other leaders of the state.

4. Public awareness through Surajyam Movement: As part of raising public awareness about their right to services, we organized several meetings and a round-table conference. The key thing is we were able to muster support from all major political parties and because of this, people now see Lok Satta as a major force in the constituency.

5. Protecting an old couple from scheming politicians: In Simantha Agraharam of Vizag District, a couple called Vajja Raghavayya and his wife have been engaged in the cultivation of about 300 acres for about 40 years now. Due to various reasons and untimely demises of their offspring, only 150 acres is in the name of the couple.

A local Congress MLA and YSRCP leader plotted to have this couple murdered to take over the 150 acres and sent henchmen to commit the dastardly act. The poor couple actually hid in the local bus station to save their lives. PFL members saw this news in the newspapers and immediately alerted Babji. Babji and team spurred into action and with significant effort protected the couple who are now happily engaged in cultivation!

5. Preventing land kabza by Minister Ganta Srinivas Rao: Current MLA Ganta Srinivas Rao demolished a public library next to Visakhapatnam Collector Office and tried to procure funds of INR 50 crores from the government on a bogus BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) scheme. Lok Satta bravely fought against this and prevented it despite receiving many threats. This issue shook the district and was a hot item in the local press. Even other major political parties did not dare to oppose the minister but we did.

As part of this, we:

  • Organized a 5000 postcard campaign
  • Met the CM and the Principal Secretary and every concerned official
  • Signature campaign from general public near the affected land
  • Organized all-party round table meetings
  • Complained in the Lokayukta (case is currently slated to be heard in September)

6. Recognizing Local Leader Sri. Subramanyam Tilak: As part of our interest in highlighting local politics, we organized a small movement to have the flyover near RTC Complex to be given the name of Sri K. Subramanyam Tilak, the first parliamentarian from the area. The local people are appreciating our effort.

7. Local Issues: In addition to all the above, we always responded to every single issue effecting the constituency and most of our efforts saw coverage in the local press.

Petitioning the Principal Secretary for State Primary Education

Petitioning the Principal Secretary for State Primary Education

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