Get Involved

We hope that you had a chance to look at our various activities and found Lok Satta Visakhapatnam worthy of your support. We are excited about working to build the party into a formidable political force and invite you to engage with our work.

1. Spread the word: All you have to do is to talk to your family and friends about Lok Satta. Do refer them to our website. Remember, a 1000-mile journey has to start with a single step.

2. Join the team: To work closely with the LSP Visakhapatnam team:
* if you live in India, contact Bhesetti Babji (
* if you live abroad, contact Sameer Mellacheruvu (

3. Send us your suggestions: Do write to us with any further questions and be assured of a response. We welcome your comments and suggestions.


One Response to Get Involved

  1. pavanlsp says:

    i have been following loksatta vizianagaram group in fb from many months. yesterday only i came to know that he changed from there to vizag .

    u have been posting several news paper updates (paper cuttings) ,they were good but not catchy due to quality of paper . the same news will be present in website of newspapers ….. so copy paste those in fb /here

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