Team and Leadership

Constituency Incharge

Bhesetti Apparao Babji is a Vice President of Lok Satta Party, Constituency Incharge for Visakhapatnam (North), and District President for Vizianagaram.

Having established Lok Satta as a political force to reckon with in Vizianagaram, Babji has taken up the same cause in Visakhapatnam. His daring and issue based confrontation of opponents having far more financial and political power is a living legend. This approach is complemented by an emotional kinship with and tireless efforts to serve the most powerless in society. Lok Satta teams have achieved significant victories under his leadership. The numerous activities and successes continue to receive extensive coverage in local newspaper reports.

Born in 1965, Babji was naturally influenced by his grandfather, Bhesetti Apparao, a freedom fighter and two term MLA from Anakapally constituency in Visakhapatnam. It is no surprise that he is an ardent admirer of that icon of daredevilry, Tanguturi Prakasam. He also counts Gouthu Lachanna, N. G. Ranga and Tenneti Vishwanadham among his role models. He was a merit student right through his education and received the M.A, MVO (AU) and DM (Mech) degrees. Vexation with the inequalities in society and inadequacy of existing politics spurred him to join the Lok Satta movement in 2001. When Lok Satta emerged as a political party in 2006, Babji resigned from his job and dedicated himself to the cause of the people and the party.

He can be reached via email ( or phone (9866017413).

Constituency Team

President – M.S.N Murthy
Vice President – I Rangamani
Vice President – M.I.Ahmed
Vice President – P Laxmana Murthy
Secretary – S.Srinivas
Joint Secretary – B.V.Srinivas
Joint Secretary – R.Kaminayudu
Joint Secretary – C.Uday Kumar

Contact Information

M.S.N.Murthy – 9866701198
I.Rangamani – 9701603720
M.I.Ahmed – 9989772079
P Laxmana Murthy – 9391827222
S.Srinivas – 9866288339
B.V.Srinivas – 9863726555
R.Kaminayudu – 9392865577
C.Uday Kumar – 9030806638


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